How ITN changes lives.

These are the winning stories from our Half Million Ride Contest. They are three of the thousands of stories happening every day at ITN's across America. Thanks for your support for our work. We will share your donations with these winning Affiliates.

Penni Gerard

ITN is amazing because we keep people connected -through thick and thin - to what's important to them. Penni Gerard., a rider since 2010, had taken a record 1,049 rides before she moved last November to be closer to family. Prior to the move, Penni, who struggled with MS, had spent several months in the hospital.

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ITNBluegrassPenni Gerard
ITNRacineCountyBetty Alford

Betty AlfordBetty Alford has been a member-rider of ITNRacineCounty for over a year now. Betty states "Last winter I found myself sans a car of my own after more than fifty-five years, and to make matters worse, I spent the winter in a boot because of a broken ankle. I was fortunate enough to have a nephew who was involved with the Volunteer Center of Racine.

He did a lot of taking me to the stores and every other place I needed to go. I did appreciate that and he would not let me pay him as he always says, "families don't pay for help." However, I really needed to feel more independent and he told me about ITNRacineCounty.

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ITNRacineCountyPaula Kurtz

PaulaITNGreaterLA in any given week takes our oldest rider to work twice a week, where she is the bookkeeper!

We take one gentleman to the gym 6 days per week (and often pick up a hamburger on the way home)! We have one lady who spends more for rides than she does to get her hair done, but she goes once a week like clockwork. We have one rider who plays poker twice a week. She could get odds in Vegas! We have a new rider who meets her girlfriends for lunch every Tuesday, at a different restaurant, and she is great fun to drive home from that meeting I think she is a restaurant critic.

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